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My School Projects

The work with kids and youth is a special passion to me. Bringing Art, Creativity, Confidence in Self-Expression and Co-Creation to Schools is very meaningful to me, because I see them as crucial skills for the future generation to boldly face the challenges of the world's complexity.

Tools to Joyfulness

Together with three classes, teachers and a Coach I'm running this project at Primarschule Villnachern. Together we explore movement, sounds and rythms and learn to improvise together. By engaging in that purely co-creational process we create forms of performances, which we showcase on a exhibition evening.

We kindly get sponsored by Kanton Aargau, Fördergefäss "Prozessor" of Kultur macht Schule.


Are you a principal or a teacher and your interested in a project that brings the joyfulness of art into your school? Let's talk.

I have done Projektwochen, one-day-workshops, 2-hours-a-week, ... and and I'm sure we will find a suitable Setting for you.

Are you looking for the professional link between performing arts and the Lehrplan21, e.g. Überfachliche Kompetenzen? Together with a Schoolcoach we can offer expertise and experience in that field.

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