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My Dance.

I‘m passionate about teaching movement and awaking the consciousness of body so you can dive into music with confidence. After so many years of teaching, coaching and training clients

it is a fulfilling outcome to see joy in them. I choreograph to tell stories about life and to give positive energy and hope.

As a director, choreographer and performing artist I have been involved in many local and international productions. For example, I performed in shows like Lion King, Sarafina and Jesus Christ Super Star and I produced and directed a show called Amakhosi Africa which toured in Canada for a year.

Before I left South Africa I founded the Ukhamba Academy to follow my vision of mentoring underprivileged artists. It was my main aim to give young talented artists access to platforms, to let them participate in creative processes, so they grow their confidence and get empowered in their artistic expression.


When i teach it is important to analyse individual capabilities, so that the impact of the lesson can be beneficiary. I use different technics i have accumulated over year to strengthen the connection in mind, body and energy.

Dances: Kizomba, Afro (Tribal and contemporary), Salsa on 1 and on 2, afro cuban salsa, choreo classes, afro house and more.

Check out the page of my dance school called "Dance Swagg".

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