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My Career.

I was born in Durban, South Africa, I began my career as a dancer. I performed in many productions and musicals, including: Showboat, Jesus Christ Super Star, the Wizard of Oz, and Sarafina. My dancing talent and expertise took me overseas where I toured through Europe, Australia, Canada, Bangkok and Switzerland.

I worked with renowned filmmakers, choreographers such as Michael Peters (Michael Jackson’s choreographer) and actors (Dennis Haysbert; Stacey Cadman) which open door that led me to the fields of choreography, music composition, acting and directing theatre. 

I am also a highly-effective trainer, facilitator, coach and community mobiliser, with experience fostering youth empowerment, life skills training and creative development all over Africa and parts of Europe, Australia and Canada. Now I am a proud owner of a dance school in Zurich called "dance swagg". teaching latin dances, African dances including Kizomba , contemporary and many more. I am currently  engaging in Switzerland projects: worked with a choir in Vevey, theatre in Aarau , high school in Steinhausen, Monate Band in Kontiki, festival in Zurich, in weddings, live shows in theatre, artist collaborations and more.

Check out my CV below:

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